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What are Blogs?

Even after looking at hundreds of blogs, it is still plausible that one may not understand exactly what they are and how they differ from websites. The fact that there are so many different topics being covered by blogs can make it difficult to recognize the main characteristics of one. Any keyword searched next to “blog” will provide one with hundreds of hits. Every viewpoint of every possible topic seems to have its own blog, with one or maybe several, people behind it. Anyone can start a blog for free now, thanks to websites offering blog templates and free hosting, which has the number of blogs around the world in the millions. Visiting a blog search engine and looking for a few signs can answer the old question, “what are blogs?”

Based on the words, “web” and “logs,” which were blended into the word “blog” in the early 90s, a blog is best defined by its journal-like qualities. With its own url, a blog is much like a website with some of them containing links, contact information and clickable topics. One can see what are blogs by noticing the “log” aspect of them. These online journals set the blog apart from its cousin, the website. When visiting a blog, the most recent entry made is usually what one will see first, almost like opening a journal or diary to the most recent entry. Previous entries will be available, either by scrolling down the page, or by clicking somewhere else on the page for archived or previous posts. Because blogs are usually, but not always, driven by one particular interest or topic, links related to that topic are often collected by the blogger and put somewhere on the page, or within the blog entries themselves.

Outside of the logging part of blogs, they are open for definition and discussion. The topics covered, or not covered by blogs, do not define what are blogs. Although, some blogs cover sports, fashion, news or a variety of other topics, they can also contain the random, daily thoughts of the individual who made it. Blogs are also used for various purposes. They have been used by amateur or professional political activists for the furthering of their causes. Some showcase photography, artwork or writing by the blogger. The truth is that people are still defining what are blogs by creating new ones every day.

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