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It seems that many of the people who enjoy watching tv are also enjoying time spent blogging about it. A vast number of tv blogs are getting attention on the internet for their coverage of tv in general, or for their love or hatred of a particular tv show. Blogging goes well with series quite well, since weblogs are usually kept with the most recent blog at the top. This allows for the blog’s readers to know they can get an update about the most recent show in a series.

Almost any show that is searched for with the word, ‘blog’ next to it, will have the searcher in luck. For every tv show, there seems to be a host of blogs to go along with it. Many of these blogs are using humor or satire as their best weapon for the criticizing of certain shows. Entire blogs are dedicated to one soap opera, or nighttime series. Reality shows have also inspired bloggers around the world to keep track of their favorite makeover, survival or dating one. Along with DVR and TIVO technology, tv blogs allow for everyone to know exactly what is going on with the most popular shows.

Of course, not all of the tv blogs are fan raves. Many of them are breaking down a group of shows, or one show, for its individual flaws. Actors and actresses are sometimes roasted. No show, or tv actor, is safe from a blog’s criticism. Whatever sport is in season, will also inspire plenty of bloggers as well. Amateur sports writers and announcers can have a blast summarizing games and plays by their favorite teams. They can also destroy the opponents, exposing poorly coached players or plays. Tv blogs covering sports, also specialize about preseason or specific players.

No matter what kind of tv show or event that a blog is covering, tv blogs are getting attention. Producers know that people are reading blogs about the shows which they come up with. A good tv blog can also be a tv station’s best ally.

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