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Like sex in general, sex blogs are all over the internet. Although chat rooms, sex websites, and instant messaging are still vibrant tools for internet sexuality, blogging has taken sex on the internet to a new level. Some of the sexual entries are just a blogger’s ideas on a certain day, and their general theme is not sexual. However, other bloggers have committed their entire blog site to sexuality. Sex blogs are detailing everything from sexual fantasies to sexual encounters. The reason that they are so popular is not just because people like sex. Sex blogs have made it possible for extended expressions of one’s sexuality to be logged anonymously. The anonymity factor has allowed the stuffy business man or the busy housewife to be completely explicit about their sexual desires.

Some sex blogs are taking advantage of affiliate bonuses. By collecting links to various porn or sex sites, bloggers can make some money while they get their kicks. Money does not drive the majority though. Sex is enough for these finely tuned blog sites. Amazingly specific in their topics, sex blogs that cater to many sexual appetites or fetishes have come up.

The ease of posting photographs on the internet has let sex bloggers post themselves or others in provocative positions. Without someone’s name being directly on the blog site, people can still feel anonymous with nude pictures of themselves on their blog site. These may get as gritty as including pictures of them in the act. Several sex blogs have people talking about their sex sessions with a partner or partners. Many of these, and other sex blogs, encourage readers to contribute in the comment areas. The old saying that believes that if one can think it, it’s been done, is an appropriate motto to lend sex blog bloggers and enthusiasts.

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