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Many will say that they never heard of a blog until the 2004 Presidential Election. Various activists for the right, left or another party affiliation, were getting election law regulators in uproars because of the unchecked nature of political blogs. The powerful, persuasive nature of polls during the election year were rivaled by the sea of blogs asking their own sets of questions about candidates’ credentials. Some blogs were quick to jump on an attack from one side or another, stating its relevance, credibility or potential effect on a candidate. There are many political blogs coming from a variety of persuasions and angles, supporting one politician, then smearing the next.

Humor plays a role in the political blog. Plays on party and politician names are a popular way of conveying a biting opinion. Satire and amateur journalism are wrapped up heavily with the political blogger’s method for expressing their opinions in the blogosphere. Humor is a great tool for many bloggers, but in political blogs, it can make articles and entries entertaining, not just motivating.

The power of collecting links and resources comes in handy for a political blog. Many of them include long lists of ways to contact congressmen. Ways to get involved with certain causes are also provided on them. Polls, survey, buttons, bumper stickers and T-shirts can now be advertised on blogs, which can help or hinder a political movement. Political blogs are like hundreds of virtual, party headquarters.

The problem for politicians is that political blogs will get a lot of attention if they reach a lot of readers, and say the right thing at the right time. Many elected officials claim that amateur journalists, who write many of the political blogs, are hurting their campaigns by not writing factually. Unfortunately, for them, libel laws are not plentiful in the states. Almost anything can be twisted without many repercussions for the blogger, except perhaps, some attacks in the comment boxes from the other side. Congress has already tried to come up with ways to regulate political blogs during the election year. However, freedom of speech is maintaining its ground and keeping the opinions of political blogs free for discussion, debate and democracy.

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