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Knitting is alive and well on the internet. For any who believe that knitting is a hobby of the past that has become too overpowered by gargantuan clothing manufacturers, think again. Knitting blogs are plentiful. Knitters are showcasing their craftiness with blogs about progress on projects and with pictures of their latest creations. The knitting blog is proving a great tool for passionate knitters to reach out to their peers.

Hours of work poured into an intricate sweater or scarf are mixed well with a break of blogging. However, it seems that knitting bloggers find it difficult to stay away from talking about their projects for long, whether or not their intent is to write about knitting in every entry. Knitting is known for being best done in the presence of fellow knitters. With knitting blogs being shared across the internet, it is like a virtual knitting circle. Most knitting blogs seem to fit the general idea of blogs, which are people talking about their lives, sometimes with a specific slant or interest in mind. Many of the knitting blogs contain entries which outline all the technicalities of a particular project or pattern. Other ones use their blogging space to teach short lessons, or refer one to places where they can learn Knitting 101. The photos on knitting blogs are the most fascinating. Knitters are posting photos of their beautiful creations, which have various color schemes, types of yarn used and original designs. Getting a pulse on the knitting culture’s latest trends is made possible with the use of colorful, photo blogs.

The number of personal knitting blogs is side-by-side with blogs about great outlets for yarn, needles and spinning wheels. With fewer and fewer places in towns to buy quality or unusual yarn and supplies, these knitting, information blogs are filling up the gaps and rows in blog directories with dozens of links to help knitters find what they need. These same knitting blogs offer links to find great patterns or creative ideas, if not supplying original inspirations. It seems that knitting’s social and down-to-earth qualities somehow fit well with the internet’s collections of knitting web-rings, sites and blogs.

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