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With every other topic, interest and speciality being covered by blogs, it is no surprise that hacker blogs would emerge as well. Anyone who is computer savvy enough to know how to hack into a computer, or keep hackers out, would rightly be inspired to start their own hacking blog. The interesting thing about this specific niche of blogs is that there have been two kinds defined by the general internet population: “white hat hacker blogs” and “black hat hacker blogs.” Apparently, the term has been taken from old western movies which featured bad guys in black, and good guys in white. There is actually a third, but less common kind. The gray hat hacker blogs, are done by bloggers who are just interested in hacking from a curiosity standpoint, and do not use anything they learn for good or bad.

The white hat hacker blogs are set up to defend the masses from the black hat hackers. Although, it is good to be weary of either kind, white hat hackers are purportedly inspired to teach the rest of us how to avoid being hacked. Their blogs outline useful information, tutorials, diagnosis and other materials, for knowing how to stop or hinder the bad hackers. These bloggers are often hired by companies for their special hacking knowledge.

The black hat hacker blogs are definitely something to avoid. Although, their blog may just be a blog and nothing else, it is difficult to tell the difference, even for the more computer literate. Bragging about specific hacking jobs, into one particular website or system, is a popular aspect of the black hat hacker blogs. Many of these blogs expose companies for their weaknesses, or breakdown new hardware or software. They are sometimes guilty of breaking enough rules to warrant a few jail sentences.

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