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The idea of the free blog really only implies that the bloggers themselves are not paying anything. Providers of free blog services are paying to keep up with the tons of people who are signing up. Thousands of people are starting blogs each day. Keeping up with server space, answering emails from new and old bloggers, and working out technicalities, can be more than a full-time job. Despite the effort behind hosting free blogs, hosters can make some money through advertising, or by selling upgraded blogs.

Getting a free blog is easier than ever. Tons of hosting sites are offering free photo hosting and even mobile options, which let you update your blog by phone. Blog hosters also try to inspire a community feeling, which offers blog search engines to peruse other people’s blogs. They collect and offer data about the free blogs they host in different ways. Some show which blogs have been most recently updated. Another way is to have the bloggers submit their blogs to specific categories, so like-minded bloggers can exchange their web logs and give comments. Letting several authors be part of one blog, by providing multiple usernames on one account, is yet another way they create close-knit environments within their blog hosting.

Paying to blog is really not necessary anymore, since so many companies are offering exciting features and templates for their bloggers. Free blogs have really become the norm in the blogosphere. All that one has to decide is, which blog hosting company they want to go through, what they want to blog about, and what template they want to use. The only blog providers that are asking for money are ones that offer extra space, features, or a separate domain name hosting, so one can let their blog serve as their website without a complicated URL. The provider can also sell blog space that is free of built-in advertising.

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