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To define blog, one can look at the origin of the word first. “Web log,” quickly blended its sounds together to make the word “blog.” The word became the big web lingo word on the street during the 2004, Presidential Election, although blogs actually got started in the early 90s. Blogging was on everyone’s lips because journalists and reporters were talking about the effect that blogs were having on politics. Many people who were hearing about one blog or another, making politicians upset, were really much more curious about what a blog was in the first place. Once people figured out that blogging was not just a political tool, but a versatile internet voice they could easily create themself with the help of a blog hosting website, the race for new blogs began. For pennies a month, or for free, people could pick their templates, fonts and blog name and start sharing their ideas, thoughts and opinions as often as they wanted.

Of course, there are still plenty of political or activist blogs on the internet which are powerful influences on the cultural climate, but most define blog as a sort of online journal. They are set up much like an ordinary website; however, they usually have entries which start with the most recent one at the top. Some bloggers have several blogs, or entries a day, while others, write once a week or less. The point of view, topic, subject, or title of the blog are irrelevant to how to define blog. Past the revealing, tell-tale mark of a blog’s chronological organization, and the fact that they are on the internet, trying to define blogs may get one muddled in a litany of generalities.

The other problem with trying to define blog, is that there are just so many kinds of them on the internet. For any topic, for example, sports, there is a blogger writing about their experiences on a poorly coached team, one from an amateur sports reporter detailing sports in their town, or one which collects links of their favorite sports websitesand writes summaries of them for each entry. There are no rules about blogging like there are for journalism or technical writing. However, it is fair to say that the blog has put _expression in another dimension. Blogging is a new medium which has made another form of expression and communication possible.

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