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Celebrity Blogs

The internet has allowed the entrance of a new way to keep track of everyone’s favorite models, actors, actresses and sports stars. The blog is the new tabloid for celebrities. By picking the most searched for celebrities out of search engines’ top keyword lists, some bloggers have even found a way to attract a ton of people to their blog. Many celebrity blogs are little money makers, which are profiting off of a celebrity’s name. Others, are pure fan blogs, which want to keep track of their favorite celebrity’s every move. Another celebrity blog is being created by the celebrities themselves.

Researchers have been able to collect a lot of data from blogs about what the big buzz words are in culture. Celebrities can find out what people are saying about them not just through tabloid magazines, but through searching their name with the word ‘blog’. If a blogger wants to make a revenue from their blog, they can write up some celebrity blogs about one or more celebrity, which entices readers to their site. Once there, the blogger can hope that their affiliate buttons will be pressed.

Some celebrity blogs are purely from fans. Almost every celebrity has a few bloggers who are religiously devoted to clipping photos of them into posts, and writing about their latest endeavors in film, movies or sports. These blogs are great for drawing in other fans as well.

The most popular celebrity blog is going to be by the celebrity, of course. Fans love having a little insight into their favorite movie star’s mind. These blogs include, not just the celebrity’s upcoming events and activities, but some of their journal entries as well, just like many regular blogs. Many of these have been controversial, politically driven or very personal. Unfortunately, for fans, most celebrities are too busy to keep up with their celebrity blogs for consistent periods of time.

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