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The popularity of blogging is still being comprehended by sociologists and researchers. There are so many bloggers keeping track of the human experience. From soldier blogs to sex blogs, every aspect of culture is being covered. For blog hosters, many questions and concerns fall into the technical aspects of the blogosphere. The challenge of hosting so many bloggers has forced blog hosters to update their systems several times a year. Creating the perfect networks for bloggers has also been a huge challenge. Blog search engines have helped to collect blogs into organized categories, and have also allowed for blog readers and researchers alike, to find specific interest blogs. There is also blog software created specifically for blogging, which can be taken home by the blogger enthusiast.

Many of the big blog hosters are recreating their own software all the time. Based on blogger suggestions, blog hosters are trying to perfect the blogging experience on a constant basis. These giant blogging companies are trying to incorporate some key elements into their blog software. People want to be able to post photos without a big hassle. Being able to access the RSS or Atom feed, so one can submit to blog search engines, is now expected from blog providers. Bloggers also want to be able to receive comments on their blog and give comments to other blogs. Also, being able to personalize the blog template is high on the blogger’s checklist of good blog software.

For those who want the ultimate level of control with their blogs, there are plenty of companies which allow bloggers to download or buy their software. Total control of web authoring for business or professional use is what many of these software packages provide. However, most people are finding that there are enough blog providers which already have all the blog software they need. For $4.99 to $50.00 a month, bloggers can find a provider which will give them all the extras they need.

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