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The difference between a blog and a regular website are often difficult to decipher. Depending on how blog sites are set up, they can include all the ingredients of an organized website. The amazing thing about blog sites is that they are usually run by one individual who is interested in a very specific topic. Although some companies are employing bloggers to write about their products, the majority of blog sites are personal pages expressing the various plights, desires, ideas and stories of one person.

Initially seen as online journals or diaries, blog sites have become the mouthpiece of much more. If one peruses blog search engines, searching for a particular keyword, they will usually not have a problem finding at least several blogs which use that word in their title, or in their description. Blog sites are not only are used by people to talk about their day-to-day lives, they are used to promote a cause, sell something, and for general, artistic _expression. Political blogs have forced congress to decide whether blog sites should be considered public entities, thereby requiring that they follow Federal Regulations for Elections. Blog sites are now considered another kind of journalism and have many companies and organizations worried about the ramifications of unregulated blogging.

Those who are willing to give up having a straightforward domain name have been able to use blogs as their main website. Photographers can easily share their work for a small fee, or sometimes for free, depending on the blogging service provider. Writers are using blog sites to showcase their work. The uses and varieties of blogs come in every shape and purpose, and have become another form of a website. Researchers, who want to get the pulse of what people are thinking and talking about, are looking at RSS feeds to look through blog sites. Internet providers are encouraging the blog explosion by providing hosting for free, often giving bloggers pre-made templates to personalize their blogs. There is no doubt that blogs will continue to evolve and serve various purposes in the reshaping of culture and the internet.

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