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As if the internet was not vast and never-ending enough, blogs had to come along to make it even bigger. For every kind of website that exists there seems to be a thousand bloggers. For example, perhaps there is a website which is strictly about pastries. With blogging, there seems to be an individual out there who, strange as it may be, is committed to writing about just one particular pastry. The number of bloggers, who have taken on their own highly, specialized topics, is growing each day. The blog search engine has risen up to address concerns that blogs would become unsearchable and too obscure to find. Most of these engines require that the blogger submits their blog to them. The process is based on the same principles that search engines use for websites.

The nature of blogging begs that at least one person besides the blogger is reading the blogs. One could easily save all their opinions, commentaries, stories, articles and journal entries on their hard drive, away from public commentary. The blog search engine needs to take into account that many bloggers are amateur writers, business people, and people from every kind of disposition. Although the majority of bloggers want to be read, they are not necessarily as savvy with the lingo behind the internet. The blog search engine has to be accessible for the blog writer.

For those who are mesmerized by the variety of blogs which will cover a topic which they are interested in reading, the blog search engine also needs to be organized. Companies have encountered challenges trying to come up with ways to only come up with blogs when their blog search engine is employed. RSS feed or stream is being used to help the process along. A special website made just for the stream of content coming from a blog can be submitted to a blog search engine which will create more hits when certain keywords are searched. These technical tools are making it easier for blog readers, bloggers and special interest groups to find the blogs they want.

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