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The blogosphere has allowed for every kind of interest and topic to be covered. Whatever topic a person can come up with, there is usually a blog hoster that is willing to give them free space to write their blog. Sex and adult blogs have been some of the most popular topics that bloggers have covered. Within this category, an even more specific niche is getting popular. The bad girls blog has emerged as another form of sexual _expression in blogs.

The phrase, ‘bad girls,’ has evolved into a sexual innuendo. The image of the naughty, not nice, girl plays on the attraction to young women who are not just willing to participate in sex, but that are interested in it. College age women are among the biggest creators of the bad girls blog. The adventures of dorm and college life are inspiration for these blogs. Spring break is always the source for much excited sexual adventure and experimentation. The freedom of college life typically allows for a free _expression of ones sexuality. College girls who have started blogging about their sex lives seem to be having a blast with their bad girls blog.

Of course, the sex blog can be written by anyone, and that someone has the option of keeping them as anonymous as they want. With that in mind, just like a chat room, it is difficult to know who exactly who is behind the voice. In that vein, the bad girls blog can be written by anyone. Some of them are written by guys revealing explicit details about their sexual exploits or experiences. Certainly, the bad girls blog can be based upon pure fantasy of the blogger. Unfortunately, the bad girls blog also implies a more deviant aspect of sexuality. Some pedophiles are taking the bad girl idea to another level by keeping blogs about their offensive desires. However, most bad girl blogs are about the sexually free woman getting her kicks with a twist.

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