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Open another avenue of communication and the adult world will be ready to take a giant, lustful bite from the new opportunity. Because the nature of blogging does not require anything but an individual with a specific interest, adult blogs and sex blogs are usually inspired by a sheer enthusiasm for sex, rather than money-making. Blogging about sex is yet another way for individuals to express themselves. The specific way in which people are setting up their adult blogs is as diverse as the internet itself.

That is not to say that some bloggers are not finding clever ways to make money with their blogs. Being an affiliate has become a popular way for bloggers of every interest to make a few pennies, or if lucky, a few thousand dollars. An adult blog is the perfect place to do some adult, website advertising. However, the primary purpose of adult blogs is simply the same as any other blog, which is to express oneself. As with every genre or topic one can imagine, specific niches of sexual appetite and interest are popping up in mass numbers in the blogging world. From prostitutes recounting their daily adventures, to gay porn topics, there seems to be a blogger who is interested in writing about every kind of sex toy, position or fetish.

With clever usernames, which can hide an identity, bloggers are willing to share some of their most private desires, fantasies and day-to-day encounters with elaborate detail. Other adult blogs collect links of their favorite porn websites. Frankness, graphic descriptions, and typically unspoken desires, are no longer taboo with the liberty of blogging. Women in their 50s are talking about their sex lives and college students are putting provocative photos of themselves into their blogs. The process of keeping up with an adult blog can be as private as one wants, so nothing needs to be left unsaid on an adult blog.

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